Students of GA have prepared a virtual trip to Berlin before getting there. The trip was taking place in May. 

They made a research, created a powerpoint in pairs and presented it via MEET as the trip was finally cancelled due to the Coronavirus scenario. 


-You will need to prepare a presentation of your trip to Berlin. 

-You will need to work in pairs.

– You will be assessed to the following criteria: 

-ORAL PRESENTATION: fluency, pronunciation, non verbal communication, interaction: Around 15 minutes

-USE OF ICT: Digital tool implemented, use of visuals

 -CONTENT: quality and quantity of information

-USE OF ENGLISH: Grammar and Vocabulary. Specific vocabulary from the topic TRAVELLING. Use of past tenses (to explain what you did) and present tenses (general information of the country)



1. Main characteristics of the trip: WHO, WHEN, WHERE

2. Main information about the COUNTRY and the CITY: inhabitants, map, geographical position, flag, language spoken, curiosities…

3. PACKING. What did you include in the suitcase?

4. ITINERARY. Create a full itinerary day by day.  Include price and places

5. Things to SEE (include at least 3 SITES- photo, description, personal opinion)

6. Thins to DO (include at least 3 activities that you did- photo, description, personal opinion). You can talk about NIGHTLIFE and MUSIC FESTIVALS too

7. FOOD and DRINK (include at least 3 things – photo, description, personal opinion)

8. ACCOMMODATION and TRANSPORT  (include at least 3- photo, description, personal opinion)

9. LANGUAGE (include at least 3 expressions that you learnt)

10. CONCLUSION. Personal Opinion. Personal funny story.

11. KAHOOT QUESTIONS (include at least 3 questions and answers to make our quiz) 

They did a wonderful job!

What do you think?

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