RELATO GANADOR (categoría Bachillerato) de HISTORIAS DE TERROR en inglés

Forgotten people                 Jesús Robles Martín (Bach. Ciencias)

I live next to what used to be a center for people in need. Where the sick, the poor and people no one cared about were helped.

One day, the earth swallowed it up, the entire hospital fell into a deep hole in a matter of minutes. The scene was all over the news. How could something like that happen?

It turned out the land had not been properly examined before the building process. The edifice was built on top of an old mine, buried hundreds of years ago. The recent rains caused the ground to collapse, taking everyone with it at that exact moment.  

After a while, people forgot about it, there is always another tragedy to look at. Most of the people who died did not have family or friends, no one to mourn their deaths.

Most of the people who used to live nearby moved out, but I do not have enough money to change houses. That means that at night, the neighborhood is really quiet.

When I am lying in my bed just before I fall asleep I can hear it: the sound of something shaking underground. As if a lot of hands were trying to climb to reach the surface. Every night it sounds like they are getting closer.

People have forgotten those who lost their lives in the hospital, but I think they have not forgotten us.

What do you think?

Written by Soledad

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